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I have been meaning to get a shaving set for many years but they seem very expensive (45.00 and up). I'm sorry I didn't do this earlier in life. It is a real luxury for a man to be able to put a rich "warm" lather on their face. Much better then the cold canned stuff. Treat Yourself, or your Husband.

Mark K.

Got this for my husband's birthday. He's active duty so he has to shave pretty much daily. He loved it. Gave him a smooth shave and he said his skin felt amazing. So thank you from a very happy MP.

Etel P

Another purchase for my honey. He insists on the old school straight razor approach to taking care of his glorious beard. The soap is perfect for his set up. The lather brush brings him joy. We love that the stand is provided as part of the set.

Ashley Lynne